Monday, June 28, 2010

Thankfulness Day 138:: Dear Laundry

Dear Laundry,

We've been spending time together for four days now.  Just when I think we have nothing more to say to each other another child pees his sheets and so we meet again.

I don't like you.  I'm sorry but you smell...and not in a good way.  My kids like you alot though.  They enjoy spilling drinks and wiping peanut butter on their clothes so they can see us together.  I don't share their view though.  I try to put off our meetings but you get angry at me and multiply over the days.

I wish you would just go away, fold yourself, and come back clean.

See you tomorrow,

Today I am thankful for having a home to do laundry in and NOT having to walk to a Laundromat!

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