Monday, June 7, 2010

Thankfulness Day 117:: THE BIG NEWS!

I know you have been waiting around eagerly anticipating the Big News from Sweet Lily Tutus right???

Well wait no more!

We are pairing up In His Steps International to help STOP Child Sex Trafficking in Cambodia!  Sweet Lily Tutus will give 20% of all proceeds to this organization and hopefully we can increase this giving number in time.

Why this organization and why Cambodia?  Years ago I almost went to Cambodia to teach woman how to do hair in rescue shelters once they were rescued from Brothels.  That didn't work out and a few years later I actually got to go to Cambodia for three months , loving on the people there, and staying with the Founders of this organization.  Then a couple of weeks ago I was thinking about giving and a 2 year old girl in an Aids Orphanage came to mind.  I called her Lily.  I hadn't remembered her until now. I loved her!  I held her all the time.  She lost her parents due to Aids probably from her dad going to a prostitute and infecting her mom.  Oh Sweet Lily.

I then broke down into tears.  It was one of those moments where I KNEW God was speaking to me and this is what He wants me to partner with and spread awareness about. The name of this business wasn't by accident.  I knew I needed to pair up with people that I trusted that had the same goal in mind.  And story's like this touched me so deeply:

"At an age when most children might be preparing for their first day of school, Srey, 6, already has undergone trauma that is almost unspeakable.She was sold to a brothel by her parents when she was 5. It is not known how much her family got for Srey, but other girls talk of being sold for $100; one was sold for $10.
Before she was rescued, Srey endured months of abuse at the hands of pimps and sex tourists. Passed from man to man, often drugged to make her compliant, Srey was a commodity at the heart of a massive, multimillion-dollar sex industry in Phnom Penh, Cambodia."

A few statistics:

**77% of Cambodians live on less than US $2 a day

**35% of prostitutes in Cambodia are under the age of 18

**Children as young as four have been sold into the sex industry in Cambodia

**Minors, some as young as seven, constitute more than 25% of the prostitutes    in Cambodia’s sex industry

**The local industry for sexually exploited children is exploding for two reasons: Many Khmer -- and other Asian men -- believe sex with a virgin will renew their vigor and youth, and the fear of contracting HIV is fuelling a demand for younger and younger virgins

**40-50% the prostitutes in Cambodian are HIV positive

**Prostituted girls endure miserable conditions and abuse, including beatings, cramped quarters, inadequate food and sleep, and little to no protection against sexually transmitted diseases

 You can give straight to In His Steps by clicking here

Today I am thankful for awareness and opportunities to save a child's life.

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