Friday, June 11, 2010

Thankfulness Day 121:: Condo or not to Condo that is the question

Okay peeps I need some prayer here!  We relocated from Illinois to California in April 09.  We have been living with my parents ever since just awaiting a job for my husband.  Well he has a temp job now and we are really getting cramped up here!  We want a place of our own so bad!!! 

How will we afford a 3 bedroom?  (room for boys, hubby and I, and future baby/craft/business room)  Sure I could just rent a cheap 1 bedroom and be squished but I don't want to move anymore!  We have been in 5 places in 6 years!  This next move needs to be more permanent.  But we don't even feel permanent. 

So we started to look at places and of course I fell in love with a certain condo.  It's just so perfect.  Do we move out on faith that God will provide that extra money.  Do we stay put until everything lines up perfectly?  I'm such a planner but I really need guidance here.

Also we sold every piece of furniture we had last year and have been living on that money.  How will we get furniture for this place.

Okay so you can sense my worry, excitement, and overall confusion.

Thanks for your prayers!

Today I am thankful for the possibility of moving out.


Melanie Gao said...

Yeah, I've seen sensing that in your blog lately that you're ready for your own space. And you made me grateful that we do have our own place - I took that for granted until you reminded me it's not a given.

I would not worry about the furniture. If you're creative and thrifty, which I know you are, you can furnish your new place very cheap.

As for whether you should take this leap, you're doing the right thing by praying about it. And watch for signs. He'll let you know what's right. I'll put in a prayer for you too. :)

Frugalissa said...

Exciting I know you want God's will and don't want your desire to be in the way. I get that. Keep praying and like Melanie said look for signs and doors keep opening. Also is Devin's job a contract job? I know it is temp. But is it temp to perm possibly. I will pray for peace and revelation.

cherimarie said...

Thanks girls!!! Devin's job is just temp. He was told that they need him until probably December but maybe longer. But I do know that God will make it work if he wants us to step out. I'm a big planner so this is way out of my comfort zone! I guess we'll see!

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