Friday, June 25, 2010

Thankfulness Day 135:: Now that's love

We all have a "ugly" school picture from a time in our lives when we just didn't know or care what we looked like.  It's usually in the tween years when you feel like you don't fit in but want to so badly! 

This is mine::
Stop laughing.  Seriously.  Okay I'm laughing too, it's funny!  I had a uni-brow, no straight iron, and some great pearly whites hidden behind metal.  This is my 'ugly' photo.  However when I went to show my hubby he exclaimed that I looked cute and then followed it up today with 'I'd date you.' 

Thanks Huzz.  You get me.  Or know you that it wouldn't last forever?  Either way it was the best thing to say and that's why I love you!  Anyone else DARE to post your 'ugly' photo???

Today I am thankful that I now know how beautiful I am because I'm created in God's image.

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