Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thankfulness Day 136:: New Hurley Jacket

New Jacket.....Hurley......$20.  Jealous???  Well you could have had one too if you came to the sale! 

Seriously the Hurley stuff was sooooo cheap!  $2 running shorts for girls, $5 board shorts, $5 tshirts!  Now that is cheaper then the Hurley Warehouse sales!  So next time, listen to me and come because you won't regret it! 

I'm going to go make a statement in my bright yellow jacket just so I can tell SOMEONE how cheap I got it!

Today I am thankful for great deals and meeting new friends.

PLUS you get to visit me and I love to see my friends AND meet new people!

1 comment:

Andrea@shopbyog said...

Love it! Just put it all got that at the Poets sample sale! I love Jaime! We met at Rock Harbor and our kids went to preschool together. My friend Wendy is also part of P.O.E.T.S so awesome!

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