Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thankfulness Day 130:: Father's Day!

Today we celebrate those Fathers in our lives that were amazing or those people who took the place of a Father.  I have an amazing Dad who has always been there for me and most importantly taught me responsibility and organization!  I think my love of Excel Spreadsheets is genetically passed down from him!

My husband is a great Father!

The day he became a father!

He made sure Kai learned what was of course!

And then the 2nd son came along, surely we would have figured out parenting by now??

And he's doing a great job!

Happy Father's Day Huzz!

Today I am thankful for my amazing dad and wonderful husband!

**Check back tomorrow for the winner of the TUTU Giveaway!!

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Jen and Bern said...

Love your post... so very special!

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