Monday, March 1, 2010

Thankfulness Day 22

On Saturday night we attended an Orange County Revival Fire Prayer Night and it was just that! After a powerful message the pastor started giving words of knowledge of who the Lord had put on his heart and who was going to get healed. As he started calling them up (someone with a mole on their back that looks cancerous, someone whose right leg gives them a lot of pain, someone with severe diabetes, etc) Each person stood who had that problem and healing after healing took place. There were not many who didn't get healed that night. A woman who couldn't stand up because of years of severe back pain got healed and could walk around and even twist! God's powerful anointing was there and it was so unbelievable.

We serve a God of healing, who loves us, delights in us, and wants to set us free. It didn't just happen in Jesus's day, it happens today with all the authority on heaven and earth that Christ gives us to do His work.


Today I am thankful that I witnessed amazing healings and got to be a part of that.

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