Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thankfulness Day 34

I have a great mom. She knows my likes, dislikes, taste in clothing, taste in decorating, and the list goes on. I really feel like she knows me and she just feels safe. My mom is that person that will always show me love even when I'm grumpy. She is a woman who prayed over me, when I didn't know it, and her battling prayers brought me back to the Lord.

When I went on my honeymoon my mom decorated our apartment as a surprise to us when we came home. (and it looked awesome!) When I was in Illinois my mom helped decorate our house and sent the kids packages every month. My mom sees a need and always meets it, she is just that kind of woman. She is an amazing grandparent to my boys and they love their "Gigi" so much! I know their relationship with her will be so strong as they get older.

Today I went to Costco (so did my mom) and then I bought Fuji apples, bananas, and 2 loaves of bread (so did my mom) and then we found out that we had bought the same things and now had too much because we just think alike! I love my mom. She knows me. She's selfless. She's my mom.

Today I'm thankful for my mom.

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