Monday, March 29, 2010

Thankfulness Day 50

I heard an interesting sermon yesterday in Hemet. Yes Hemet, it's amazing where the Lord takes us!

One of his statements was that we all have a story about how we were led to the Lord and it centers around humbling ourselves and seeing our need for a Savior. For many that was letting our sin drive us to rock bottom and realizing that our own way was actually destructive. He also spoke about Pride and if we boast about how great we are or are very judgmental of others the Lord has to wipe that platform from under us to humble us seeing that only God does the work and is worthy of praise. That His word says He will exalt the humble and pride comes before the fall. Let us all love our brothers and sisters as children of God and give all glory to God for we ourselves can do no good thing unless it is He who works within us.

What brought you to your knees? For me it was seeing so called 'friends' go to jail and actually being scared for my life. I then knew living for myself was destructive and led to an inner core of unhappiness.

Today I am thankful for humility and this road I've been put on in order to gain it.

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