Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thankfulness Day 25

My teeth are clean!! Warning a confession that may be unhygienic is coming....

I haven't had my teeth cleaned in (insert drum roll........)


Okay I'm glad I got that off my chest! You know, I got busy, I was pregnant twice, then breastfeeding, and then in Illinois! So I just let it go because I've never had a cavity and heck I like my teeth!

But today I went to a dentist (thank you Julie for referring me to your husband!) and well he broke the news to me. I don't have one cavity, not even just two, but THREE that have to be filled and then some he needs to keep an eye on! I guess I waited a wee bit too long for my teeth to be checked out. Oops.

So next week I'm off to the dentist again for three cavity fillings, I hope it doesn't hurt!

Today I am thankful that I found a dentist who I can trust and that I overcame my fear of the unknown. I have cavities and they will be gone by next Friday. :)

1 comment:

A. said...

What?! Be thankful that's ALL you have. Some of us go every year and still have to get root canals and fillings. lol

Glad you found a dentist you like. Getting fillings done is a breeze. :)

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