Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thankfulness Day 103:: A new direction

Something is brewing over here at the Sweet Lily site and it's not coffee this time! (Well it is every morning because what mommy can function without it?) 

It's super top secret but I will give you one hint::  Cambodia.

That is all I can say for now as nothing is final yet but I am really excited!  It's like when you finally get an answer to a prayer you've been praying for awhile.  You want to shout for joy, scream out finally, and have a good cry all at once!  So that is what I did when I got my answer/direction.  So stay tuned!

In other news....

The bird that attacked me two days ago gave me stink eye yesterday as I was approaching the long corridor to the gym.  I looked at it, it looked glared at me, and I went around.  He DID NOT win though!  As I was leaving the gym I sternly told the boys we will go around the long way and back to our car and the boys told me that they WANT to see the head pecking bird!  Then they ran for it down that corridor and I ran after them with my sweat towel upon my head for protection!  I am happy to say that the bird was on a break and no where to be seen.  Until next time.

Today I am thankful for answered pray, the sobbing joyful kind.

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