Friday, May 14, 2010

Thankfulness Day 95:: Not So Faultless Friday=Discipline

The Key to Discipline is Consistency.  So it is said.

I believe it though and do my best to follow through because I know kids are too smart and their behavior will not change if I don't follow through.

I'm not perfect and I smelled.  Bad.  I needed a shower.  What do you do if you grounded your son from watching tv earlier in the day and now you need to distract your child from thinking of anything that may get him into trouble?  Well you sit him in front of the tv so you can take your quick shower.  But I grounded him and need to follow through!  Here was my dilemma. 

I did what any smelly mother would do and I told him due to great behavior of the last hour he has earned back one show (so I can shower) and then the tv goes off again.

I'm not proud of it but I really needed that shower!

Today I am thankful for my shower.  When you are single you don't quite realize what a prize it actually is.

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