Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thankfulness Day 97:: Kai's Worship Songs

 My hubby comes from a line of talented musicians.  His Grandfather was Dick Stabile a leader of a swing orchestra, his Grandmother had a beautiful voice and did voice-overs in some famous movies, his Father is a professional drummer, his brother is a Hip Hop artisit, and he is a Worship Pastor. 
Will the gifts pass on to our children??

As we're pulling into church today Kai starts singing a song to God and tells me to write it down. 

Here it is, he even gave it a title::

God of Peace
I love God of glory
I love everybody
For all my friends,
He is the powerfulest
The powerfulest of all!

I am so thankful for Kai and his passion for music.  I pray that he would use his gifts and his passion for the greater purpose we are called for.


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