Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thankfulness Day 96:: Swapper

It was a great day at the swapmeet!  We left the house around 5:15am and learned the term hurry and wait...hurry! and wait...After a long line we got our paperwork and came in.  We set up and it went much faster today.  Downside was that the sun didn't come out until 11amish and I was FREEZING in my shorts! 
Lesson learned!

My NEW Birthday tutus were a hit!  I sold many of them and got two custom orders as well!! 

(Notice the shirt believe in the middle?  Check out my friend Ester's site for great inspiring apparel!)

I also shared a booth with my most favorite vendor Eli's Lids!

Overall the day was a success and I'm beat so I must go to sleep!  P.S. did I mention huzzy is on vaca?  Actually his brother is getting married in Florida!  I miss him.

Today I am thankful for the sun and the warm days in California.  I was freezing but only for 4 hours!

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