Friday, May 28, 2010

Thankfulness Day 109:: Featured Friday Felt Playground

Happy Featured Friday!  Today I am featuring Felt Playground

Felt Playground is a wonderful website where fruit, meals, vegetables, dessert, and finger puppets are made out of felt!  Seriously these items could NOT be ANY cuter!!  I want them all for my boys!  (Maybe for me too!)

Let's get to know the creator of this fantastic felt!

1. Tell us about yourself
My name is Denise and I am the head crafter at Felt Playground on Etsy. I create felt play food and finger puppets using eco felt (make of recycled plastic bottles), and sustainable bamboo fiberfill.

2. When did you first start playing around with felt?
I opened my shop on Etsy in late October 2009, however I have been using felt as a medium to work with for some time. I am now a stay at home mom, but I used to be a Kindergarten teacher. I would create flannel board stories out of felt for my classroom and always got great feedback from my colleagues. One day last fall, I made a felt pumpkin finger puppet for my daughter and she loved it. I then made a ghost, skeleton, and a whole set of Thanksgiving finger puppets. I got the push to open my Etsy shop from my friend Heather of Chickabug on Etsy, and the rest is history! Heather's link

3. What is the most popular item you sell?
Right now, my felt fruits and vegetables are selling really well. I love making them and use some embroidery techniques that make them a little more special than others on the market. My felt breakfast set which includes 2 eggs, 2 pancakes, 2 bacon strips, 2 orange slices, butter and syrup is also a big hit with customers.

4. Tell us about Bamboo and why you use it?
I use sustainable bamboo fiber to stuff all of my felt foods for many reasons. I am an earth lover and try to use earth-friendly products whenever possible in my own home. I came across bamboo fiberfill in a craft store one day and was amazed at how wonderful it worked in my felt foods. It is much easier on the earth then traditional poly fill, and I think consumers are looking for earth friendly products more and more, especially for their children.

5. What inspires you?
I am inspired by seeing my daughter play and also by the children I used to teach while working. I love seeing kids use their imagination, and creating something that can help with this is truly amazing.

6. What one product can you not live without?
There are so many! But if I only can choose one it would be my bamboo fiber fill (and felt of course!)

7. What one word would you use to describe yourself?
Driven. I am dedicated to my Etsy shop right now, and work on being successful every free moment I have during the day (which is hard with a 14month old at home hanging on you all the time!) :)

Thank you so much Denise for opening us up to your world of felt!  Don't forget to visit her on facebook!

Today I am thankful for EGO friendly products that are safe for our kids!

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