Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankfulness Day 88:: Big Cow

Sign that you go to Chick fil a too much:: 

1. When you ask your 4 year if he got his water okay and he tells you the guy was new, he has never seen him before!
2. When one of the employees saves a table for you every week
3. When Kai goes off on a tangent about how strong he is and an employee says "That's because you are Super Kai"  (that's what Kai refers to himself as when he needs to feel powerful or in control)

We love going to Chick fil a!  And every tuesday night is Kids Eat Free and a craft table!

I'm hoping to build a fun memory of a night where we met up with other friends and the kids got to play without me rushing them to eat and get home.  We've prayed there, done Ministry, worked on stuff for a Bridal Shower, discussed serious topics, and just had fun.  It doesn't hurt that they are a Christian family owned restaurant and always have good money saving deals going on!

Today I am thankful for Tuesday night Chick fil a!

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